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Purchasing the Best Vibration Machine

At FBE Wellness we understand that purchasing a vibration machine for exercise is a significant investment and requires research and thoughtful consideration. Choosing by price alone may not always be the wisest decision. So how do you decide?

We suggest you ask yourself a few simple questions:

Will I be using the vibration exercise machine at home, or do I want it for my spa or fitness center?

Obviously, a vibration exercise machine at a fitness center will get a lot more use than one at home. See our models for Personal or Commercial use.

What is my budget?

We offer vibration exercise equipment at three price points. The low end model will work just fine for home use. If you can afford it, the mid-price model will be even sturdier and offers more options. For use at a spa or fitness center we recommend the top model. NOTE: We are the exclusive U.S. distributor of the top-rated EOS6600. If that is not in t he budget, the mid-price will give many years of excellent service.

Is there a warranty, and what is covered under the warranty?

The warranty on all our models can be downloaded right from this site. Click on Products Warranty.

Is there any after-sale support?

This is where most suppliers stumble and we’ve heard the horror stories. We are committed to after-sale support so you can have the best experience with your new whole body vibration machine. If there is anything not working as expected, just call us toll-free at 877-484-8423.

Who can I talk to when something breaks?

A live person will answer to phone, diagnose the problem and see to it that any defective parts are exchanged. If the problem cannot be diagnosed over the phone, a repair person in your local area will be dispatched.

How do I know if the model I choose really gets me the desired results?

We’ve been testing a range of models, including the Power Plate, at our sister company, FBE Spa in Los Angeles, where the vibration machines get quite a workout. Our spa members are the ultimate judges of these vibration machines and which ones produce the best results. Their votes were overwhelmingly against the Power Plate with its jarring vertical motion, and in favor of oscillating vibration machines. That’s how we chose the three models we think are the best value for the money. These are the models we have been selling successfully since 2008.

How do I know if I’ll like the way my chosen model operates?

We are the only vibration machine supplier that has a try-before-you-buy option! Just give us a call for our closest location at 323-936-3737 or toll-free 877-415-3737. We want you to feel good about your choice.

How do I know that your advertised prices are fair?

Our vibration exercise machines are competitively priced. But if you can show us a lower advertised price for identical equipment, please contact us before you make your purchase decision. We will meet any advertised price and you get the best support.


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