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Scientific Research supports Vibration Exercise Machines

Scientific Research Supports Vibration Exercise Machine Technology

Vibration Exercise Machines, like our EOS6600, have a huge following today, and this is not without solid scientific backing. Plenty of research has been done to corroborate claims made by numerous athletes and celebrities about how vibration machines have benefited them.

The scientific community has done comprehensive research, and there are numerous case studies to prove that whole body vibration machines benefit people of all ages.

  • Studies have shown that people, who reside in nursing homes and are unable to function normally, benefit greatly when they use whole body vibration machines for a duration of six weeks or so. Training with vibration machines helps greatly improve balance and mobility.
  • Even a simple fall can prove to have far-reaching consequences for older people. In such a scenario, studies have shown that 12 months of training with whole body vibration machines reduces fall frequency notably. In fact, at the end of the training, participants can stand on a moving platform with eyes closed and still do not fall.
  • Older men who have numerous problems with diminished muscle mass and muscle strength have been known to benefit greatly with 12 months of training with vibration machines.
  • Studies have shown that with vibration treatment, athletes can increase their jump height significantly. Aspects that were measured included peak force, jump height, and peak power, which decreased less after the treatment.
  • Studies performed by NASA have proven that whole body vibration improves muscle activation in the lower and upper leg during dynamic squats.
  • Cardiovascular training sometimes comes with the risk of injury, but with vibration exercises the same and even better results can be achieved without any suffering from injuries. In fact, studies revealed that these results took less than half the time to achieve compared to conventional programs. The overall benefit of regular vibration exercise for older people is longer independence and higher quality of life.
  • Clinical trial studies have shown that vibration exercises can considerably reduce the occurrence of cellulite without causing ill-effects.

There’s one common factor in all these studies: Vibration machines, such as Power Plate or our IV400-Pro, help people of all ages stay fit and do not pose the risk of injury that are common in conventional workouts.

Consult VibrationContra.pdf for contraindications.

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I am using the pneumatic compression unit in my medical spa following endermologie and laser treatments. It is effective for lymphatic drainage as well as muscle soreness and just feels like a great massage. As a business owner, I have to say that dealing with Albert has been an absolute pleasure.

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