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If you like the idea of being fit but don’t really have the time for a full-fledged workout then a whole body vibration machine may be your best bet.

Fitness is no longer the mantra of those who spend hours at the gym working out and toning their bodies. With your busy lifestyle, you can still make time to become fit once you start using a vibration machine because you can do in 15 minutes what use to take an hour at the gym.  This is because of accelerated alternating reflex muscle contraction through the destabilization of the vibration machine and you work the core muscles which protect you from injury.  Hard to imagine?  Picture riding a bike on a flat surface and now picture going off-road through rough terrain.  You get a tremendous amount more exercise going off-road and that’s what the vibration machine does!

Benefits of a Whole Body Vibration Machine for Fitness

The benefits of using a whole body vibration machine can become quickly apparent with immediate improvement in blood circulation, leaving you with a fresh and healthy glow on your skin. Some of the other changes you will begin to notice, once you regularly start doing vibration exercise, are increased flexibility and muscle strength.

Even if you’re not a fitness enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to see some of the changes that a vibration exercise can bring about in your body. From better range of motion to better core conditioning, more stability, and quicker recovery in all aspects, a whole body vibration machine is the answer to your prayers if you want to become fit without the traditional workouts.

Fitness for Athletes

Being enthusiastic about fitness is great for everyone. But if you’re an athlete, then fitness is not optional. It becomes a way of life. With all the training that goes into the life of an active athlete, it becomes all the more stressful to concentrate on being part of a fitness regimen.

Vibration machines, such as our IV400-Pro and Power Plate, have indeed changed the way athletes exercise today as injury prevention is paramount. If you are an athlete you can integrate the use of a vibration machine into your regular regimen as cross-training to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Many of our well-known athletes have already vouched for how whole body vibration machine has helped them achieve and maintain the right level of fitness.

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Client Testimonials

I've had an opportunity to test some of the equipment at FBE Spa in Los Angeles. I'm a senior who has had lifelong muscular-skeletal challenges with one hip joint that went bad early in life. Five years ago I had a full hip replacement. I was very skeptical about using the vibration machines. I tested several models and spent more than 15 minutes on full body vibration. This is said to equal at least one hour on weight machines which would make me extremely sore. I had no problems the same day or the next day. This is an exercise that I could stay with and finally lose my excess weight and forestall osteoporosis!

Astrid H. Windsor