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Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration

Vibration machines have successfully captured the fitness market. Vibration machines use the technique of whole body vibration (WBV) to get effective results in toning bodies and reducing muscle loss. Whole Body Vibration is not a recent phenomenon although it has gained immense popularity in the recent times.

Scientific research has shown that WBV can actually diminish the debilitating effects of osteoporosis in post menopausal women. That’s not all. This remarkable form of exercise is known to increase bone mineral density, improve muscle strength and power, and help reduce fat.

Whole body vibration as opposed to spot vibration results in a holistic effect and helps people stay healthy and fit without going through the rigors of traditional workouts and exercise. Studies have shown how WBV exercises of one hour per session have yielded numerous positive results.

WBV appeals to people of all age groups, especially the older ones, because it is a comfortable and safe option that provides all the benefits of a workout without stress. What’s more, users have to simply stand on the vibrating platform, although they can perform some exercises as well to achieve high-end results. A 30-minute session three times a week helps users lose fat, gain muscle strength, have better balance and reflexes, have improved bone density, and have overall good health.

Positive Effects Of Whole Body Vibration:

  • Increases bone mineral density – Studies performed on individuals before and after training with vibration machines have shown how WBV results in increased bone mineral density.
  • Reversing bone loss – An important effect of WBV is that it has been proven to reverse the process of bone loss, thereby reducing the possibility of osteoporosis.
  • Reduces falls and fractures – Regular usage of WBV is known to reduce occurrence of falls and fractures considerably, especially in the older people.
  • Increases strength – WBV is known to help increase overall strength and helps athletes and other sports persons stay fit.
  • Balance and equilibrium – Often, it is the older population that suffers from falls and resulting fractures. WBV considerably improves balance and equilibrium.
  • Posture – WBV helps maintain a good posture
  • Fat loss – One of the more significant effects of WBV that appeals to people of all ages is that it helps promote fat loss.
  • Improved health – Regular WBV helps improve overall health of users

Whole Body Vibration is not a modern-day gimmick but a tried and tested method of exercise that benefits people in the aforementioned ways.

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Client Testimonials

I'm 72 years old, have had lifelong problems with my right hip and had total joint replacement in 2004. Using gym equipment caused discomfort and major muscle soreness and I also found the boredom hard to take. So, like most everyone, I dropped out. I spent more than 15 minutes on various models at fbespa. There was no soreness then and no soreness later, but I felt that my muscles had had a real good massage. I was so impressed that I purchased an IV400 in October, and I'm thrilled to have it available to me daily! It has helped me break through two weight loss plateaus. My legs are stronger; I walk with more confidence and I have less pain. I highly recommend whole body vibration to older people and those who have not exercised in a long time.. Just 10 minutes a day is easy to do and brings great results.

Astrid Harper